Sophie’s Litter

Sophie had her puppies in the early hours of

Friday 13th May 2016.

The Sire of this litter is Xanthos Bullet Proof. J.W.

We have Miss: Red,Pink, Orange,Green and Mauve,
Mr: Black,Brown and Blue.

Newly born pups

Newly born puppies.

1 day old.

1 day old puppies.

2 Days old
2 days old.

Unfortunately we lost Mr. Blue during the
night, so now we have 7 puppies,
but all doing well.


Sophie's pups 4 days old
4 Days old.
All feeding well, moving around more now,
Sophie is a very good Mother.


Sophie's pups 5 days old
5 Days old now,
growing well,


Sophie's pups 1 weeks old
1 weeks old now,
all puppies have doubled birth weight.

Sophie's pups 1 weeks old
Close up of 1 of the puppies.


Sophie's pups 11 days old
Puppies 11 days old today,
All growing well,
All around 1kg in weight now.


Sophie's pups feeding 1

Close up of puppies feeding from Sophie.

Sophie's pups 12 days old
12 days old today,
Starting to open their eyes and move around
the whelping box.

Sophie and Pup asleep
Just love this photo!
Sophie and Miss Orange.


Sophie's pups 13 days old.
13 days old now.
not much room at the feeding bar!


Sophie's pups 14 days old
Close up view of puppies.


Sophie's pups 2 weeks old
2 weeks old today,
growing well,
Sophie sometimes sits up to feed them now.


Sophie's pups 16 days old
Looking and moving around on the carpet
while their box was being cleaned.


Sophie's pups 17 days old
Asleep on the carpet.
Sophie and puppies have been wormed today.


Sophie's pups 3 weeks old
3 weeks old now,
getting very big, moving around and much
steadier on their feet.

Sophie's pups 22 days old
Toys have been put in the whelping box,
they like to rest their heads on
and cuddle up to.

sophie's pups 23 days old
They take up more room in the box now,
Sophie has to squeeze in now,
so mostly sits up to feed them now.


Sophie's pups 24 days old
The pups are on 2 meals a day now,
but still feed from Sophie.

Sophie's pups 25 days old
The pups were on the floor as I was cleaning
the whelping box, turned around to find this
lovely picture!


Sophie's pups 4 weeks old
The pups spend a lot of time playing now,
They have been wormed for
the 2nd time now.

Sophie's pups 4.5 weeks old
My 2 Grandson’s have visited us,
love the puppies!

Sophie's pups and boys1
As you can see the puppies love
the boys as much as the boys love them.

Sophie's pups and boys2
They are very gentle with them,
and love to help choose their names.