Diary 2018

Midland Golden Retriever Championship Show

Judge; Heather Morss

Voldene Solar Star.

VHC Post Graduate Bitch.

Voldene Weather Girl

RES.Open Bitch

Special Award Open

Judge Amy Sharp

Voldene Solar Star 

VHC Open.


18th November.

Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club Championship Show.

Judge; Vicky Clarke

Voldene Weather Girl

RES. Open Bitch


10th November

Huntingdonshire Canine Society

Judge; Janet Cole

Voldene Solar Star

2nd Post Graduate

Voldene Weather Girl

1st Open.


31st October

Gundog Society of Wales Championship Show.

Judge; G. Mackenzie.

Voldene Solar Star

1st Post Graduate Bitch.

Mid gold lady with nice head and correct ear set. Straight front and rear

with good bone and depth of rib.Short coupling. Good bend of stifle. Hocks

well let down. Happy lady who moved with drive

Voldene Weather Girl

VHC. Open Bitch.


28th October

Mid Herts Gundog Open Show.

Judge; Barry McCartney

Voldene Solar Star

3rd Post Graduate.

Voldene Weather Girl

RES. Open.


7th October

Gt.Yarmouth, Gorleston and District Open Show.

Judge; Pam Cox.

Voldene Solar Star

3rd Limit

Voldene Weather Girl

3rd Open.


30th September

East Anglian Gundog Society Open Show.

Judge; Lillah Rea.

Voldene Solar Star

2nd Post Graduate Bitch

5 year old mid gold young lady with the loveliest of heads and the darkest

pigment. She has adequate bone. She had a good front assembly and is deep

through chest with a good spring of rib, short  coupled and excellent stifles

with a good tail set. Another good  mover.Very close decision.

Voldene Weather Girl

2nd Open

Lovely head with  a sweet expression. Good length of neck into balanced

front assembly placing her front legs well under the body.Deep through the chest

with good spring of rib, short coupled. good bend of stifle. Tail well set on.


29th September.

Northern Golden Retriever Ass. Open Show.

Judge; Carron Jenkins

Voldene Solar Star

2nd Post Graduate Bitch

A happy free stood girl, happy to be there, again  a good shaped bitch and in good

condition. Very correct in angulation and moved well.

Voldene Weather Girl

2nd Open Bitch

Mid golden girl, enjoying her day out. Deeper in chest than 1 giving a shorter

look. Nice study girl with good movement.


10th July

Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club

Judge; Lorraine Tooth

Voldene Goodnight”s Dream

Res. Special Yearling


23rd June

Blackpool Championship Show.

Judge; John McCreath

4th Puppy Dog.


29th May

Boston & District Open Show

Judge; Jessica Burrows

Voldene Goodnight’s Dream

Res. Puppy.


27th May

Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club Open Show.

Judge; Caron French

Voldene Goodnight’s Dream

Res. Puppy Dog.