Voldene October Dawn


Hip Score 4-4=8
Elbows 0.
Eyes cert. 01/10/2012

Crufts Qualified 2012..
Open Show 1st Prize Winner.
Voldene October Dawn

Misty 26.05.13

Misty at Eastern Counties G.R.C. Open show,

this is her first show since her litter.

Misty over the woods.

Here she is in March ’13,

5 months after her litter, trotting down

a path over the woods, one morning.


Misty looking at the other dogs through the

long grass, picture taken over the common.

15 months

Misty being shown at 15 months .

Misty on our field

Here she is playing on our field.

She is always happy and her tail never stops wagging.

Misty at 7 months

Misty at 7 months old.

She found this yellow thing on our field.

8 weeks old

8 weeks old.

7 weeks old

Misty’s Head as a young puppy.