Diary 2013


Colchester & District Canine Society

Judge:Mrs.L. Widebeck

Voldene Ryker

Res.Post Grad G/R Dog.

Voldene Paduan

2nd Open G/R.Dog.



Voldene Belle Star has given birth

to 5 puppies,

by Xanthos Ferreri J.W.



Berkshire Downs & Chiltern

Golden Retriever Club Championship Show.

Dog Judge: Mrs. I. Holloway.

Voldene Ryker

3rd. Junior Dog.

Voldene Paduan

2nd. Undergraduate Dog.

Archie qualifies for Cruft’s 2014 again

with this place in junior.



Voldene Weather Girl’s

Hip Score 9-6 =15.

Elbow Score 0.



United Retriever Club Open Show.

Judge: Mrs. M.Porter.

Voldene Ryker  3rd Junior Dog

Voldene Paduan  2nd Graduate Dog



Voldene Weather Girl

has her Hips and Elbows X-Rayed.

We await the Scores!



Northern Golden Retriever Ass.

Open Show.

Judge: Mrs. Jacquie Smallcombe

Voldene Ryker

2nd Junior Dog

2nd Undergraduate Dog

16 months old, gold coated dog,lovely expression,

well off for bone, upper arm and layback shoulder,

short coupled, short straight rear pasterns,

happy boy, moved well.



Voldene Belle Star mated to

Xanthos Ferrari J.W.



Voldene Paduan and Voldene October Dawn

have their Eyes tested and have passed.



Sheringham & District Kennel Ass.

Open Show.

Voldene Paduan

2nd Post Graduate.

Voldene Ryker

2nd Junior.

Voldene Weather Girl




Xanthos Mondriaan be-comes

Int.Champion Xanthos  Mondriaan

well done “Dutch” we are proud of you!



Voldene Ryker and Voldene Wispa both had their

Eyes Tested and both passed.



We received Voldene Ryker’s Hip and Elbows scores

Hip score 3-4=7.

Elbows 0.

These are both very good, we are thrilled!



Blackpool Championship Show.

Bitch judge: Colin Peter Haigh.

Voldene Weather Girl.

Res. Minor Puppy Bitch.



Southern Counties Championship Show.

Bitch Judge: Mrs E. Allen Rossiter.

Voldene Weather Girl.

1st Minor Puppy Bitch.

Pleasing Puppy, very sweet head, gentle expression,

good pigment, nicely constructed, well boned legs,

neat feet, in good coat, moved nicely.

This Win Qualifies Breeze for CRUFT’S 2014.

Breeze 2 26.05.13

Dog Judge: Mrs. P. Edwards.

Voldene Paduan.

V.H.C. Graduate dog.



Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club

Open Show.

Judge: Mrs Jane Scuffle.(Jamoon).

Voldene Weather Girl.

V.H.C. Minor Puppy Bitch.

Voldene Paduan.

1st Graduate Dog.

Harry 26.05.13



Happy 1st Birthday

to our

Keira to Dutch litter.

Voldene Dutchman (Freddie), Voldene Jager (Endeavour)

Voldene May Queen (Honey), Voldene May Fly (Cassie),

Voldene Milton Miss Green (Daisy),

Voldene May Blossom (Pippa),

Voldene Ryker (Archie).


23rd April 2013

Voldene Vanity Fair and Voldene Belle Star

both have their Eyes re-tested and have passed.


24th March 2013

Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club

Open Show.

Jugde: Mr.J.Kuijpers. (Fiveshill).

Voldene Ryker

VHC. Puppy Dog.

3rd Novice

Voldene Paduan

3rd Undergraduate Dog.


17th March 2013

South Western Golden Retriever Club

Championship Show.

Dog Judge: Miss S.Loach.

Voldene Ryker

Res. Maiden Dog, VHC. Novice Dog.

Voldene Paduan

2nd Undergraduate.

Liked this dog alot, well balanced throughout, level topline,

really sound dog, just needed more coat.


23rd February2013

Newark & District Canine Society

Open Show

Judge: Mr. R. Bott.

Voldene Paduan

Res. Post Graduate


16th February 2013

The Golden Retriever Club of Wales.

Championship Show.

Dog Judge: Mrs.R.W.Weightman.

Voldene Ryker

2nd Minor Puppy Dog

2nd Puppy Dog

Short coupled,deep body, good length of upper arm,

reachy neck into well laid shoulders, level back,

stifles bent, well balanced head, good movement.

These places qualifies Archie for Crufts 2014.


2nd February 2013

Isle of Ely Canine Society

Open Show

Judge: Yvonne Saxon.

Voldene Ryker

V.H.C. G.Ret Puppy

Voldene Paduan

2nd Post Graduate


27th January 2013

City of Cambridge & County Canine Society

Open Show

Judge: Mrs.Mary Murley.

Voldene Paduan

1st Gradute G/Ret.



Manchester Championship Dog Show

Judge: DR. Helen Almey


Voldene Ryker

Res. Minor Puppy Dog (20 entries)

Voldene Paduan

1st. Special Yearling Dog.

Well balanced dog, musculine head, short compact body,

good shoulders and stifle, correct bone,

moved well.

This Win Qualifies Harry for CRUFT’S 2014


Boston and District Championship Show

Judge: Mrs.Pauline Armstrong

Voldene Ryker

1st G/Ret.Minor Puppy Dog
Best Dog Puppy.
Reserve Best G/Ret Puppy.

Gorgeous head with gentle expression,good pigment,

excellent shoulder placement & upper arm, neat feet,

good rear angultion, level topline, nice happy disposition,

moving free and steady around the ring.

This Win Qualifies Archie for CRUFT’S 2014