Diary 2016

26th November

Breeze gives birth to 6 puppies,
1 girl and 5 boys,
all doing well!

4th November

Elsa and Sophie
have their yearly Eye tests
and have passed!

(Enzo)  Xanthos Ferrari  JW.

won his 3rd CC at Gundogs of Wales Champ show,

now becomes:

CH.& IT.CH. Xanthos Ferrari JW.

Well done Heather and Enzo.
Sire to our Sophie.



Breeze has come into season
and has been mated.


Archie and Indy
pass their Eye Tests



Sophie has her litter,
9 puppies altogether, but lost 2.

Breeze has her Yearly Eye Test and pleased
to say she has Passed!

Breeze and Sophie have their Scans,
Breeze is empty,
Sophie is having a large litter.

Breeze has been mated,
Sophie has also come into season and been mated!

Breeze has come into season
and will be mated shortly!

Voldene Ryker, Voldene Weather Girl,
Voldene Solar Star,
have had their hearts checked and are Clear!