Diary 2012


18th December 2012

West Walton Ring-Craft Match.

Voldene Paduan

1st Special Yearling
in Match.

Please see his page for picture.


24th November 2012

Nottingham Sherwood Foresters
Kennel Association
Open Show.

Judge: Mr. Ian Sparham.

Voldene Ryker

1st G/Retriever Puppy.
Best puppy in Breed.

Voldene Paduan

Res. Post Graduate.


21st October 2012

Lowestoft Oulton Broad & District

Canine Society,

Open Show

Judge: Nancy Bassant

Voldene Paduan

2nd Junior

2nd Graduate.


7th July 2012

Voldene Paduan

Hips Score 4-4=8

Elbow Score 0.


31st May 2012

Voldene Paduan has his Hips and Elbows X-Rayed

for the BVA scheme.


17th May2012

Voldene Vanity Fair gave birth to 7 puppies

4 Bitches and 3 Dogs.


15th May 2012

West Walton Ringcraft Society

Judge Sharon Clarke.

Voldene Paduan Best Puppy in Match

Voldene October Dawn

Best in Match


6th May 2012

Thetford and District Canine Society Open Show

Judge Mrs. M. Gardner.

Voldene Paduan

1st Junior and Best Puppy in Breed

Voldene October Dawn

1st Limit


15th April 2012

Norfolk and Norwich Canine Society Open Show

Judge Mr. J. Taylor.

Voldene Paduan

2nd Puppy

Voldene October Dawn

4th Limit


8th April 2012

East Anglian Gundog Society Open Show

Judge Mr. John Senior.

Voldene Paduan

3rd Puppy and 4th Novice

Voldene October Dawn

3rd Limit.


25th March 2012

Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club

Open Show

Judge Mrs. M. Pett.

Voldene Paduan

2nd Puppy Dog

3rd Novice Dog


18th March 2012

North Lincs Dog Club Open Show.

Judge Mrs. J. Smallcombe.

Voldene Paduan

3rd Puppy

Voldene October Dawn

3rd Post Graduate