Bella has had her puppies born on 14th December 2011.
4 Dogs and 4 Bitches

2 days old

All are doing fine ,she is a very good Mother.

nearly 1 week old

The puppies have doubled their weight and are starting to move around now.

puppy asleep

Just over 1 week now, getting chunky, they still sleep alot ,Bella keeps them very clean

10 days old

10 days old now, gaining weight steadily, some puppies are starting to darken up.

nearly 2 weeks old

2 week old now and very chunky,their eyes are now open but they cannot see very clearly

16 Days Old

Their eyes are open and moving around now.

Close Up View

Close up view of a puppy, they are quite big now with a lovely coat.

Sleeping With Mum

After a good feed, all fast asleep.

Puppies Sleeping Together

A lot bigger now ,they cuddle up together when Bella is not there.

First Feed

First Feed, I feed them singularly at first to make sure they get use to eating solid food.

2 at a time

Once they are used to eating solid food, they can be fed 2 at a time.

They are now on Arden Grange puppy food.

3.5 weeks old

Now at 3.5 weeks eating well.

Still feeding from Bella

Nearly 4 weeks old and Bella is still happy to feed them

sleeping in the crate

Puppies are moving around a lot more and will happily sleep in the crate.

Playing together

4.5 weeks now they play together alot.

Head of puppy

A puppy asleep after playing.

Another puppy

Another puppy, so sweet!

Dog Puppy at 6 Weeks

6 Weeks old now.

2 Puppies at 6.5 Weeks

Some of the lovely heads in this litter.

Three other puppies

Three puppies pose for the camera.