Voldene Wispa has had her puppies

4 Bitches on 3rd April 2014


Xanthos Ferrari J.W.

Elsa's new born puppies

Elsa with her new born puppies,

all girls, we had many boys booked!

Elsa's puppies 2 days old

Elsa has recovered well from the whelping,

she is a very good mother.

Elsa's puppies 3 days old

Elsa looking very proud of her puppies.

we have put small collars on them to identify them

and keep a check on their weight and progress.


Elsa's pups 4 days old

Puppies are now 4 days old,

feeding well.


elsa's pups 1 week old

The puppies at 1 week old.

Elsa and pups 1 week old

Elsa and the puppies,

1 week old.


8 days old

8 Days old now,

They all weigh over 1kg now.



Elsa's puppies 12 days old

All puppies feed well,

and steadly putting on weight.

Elsa's puppies 9

A head of one of the puppies.

Elsa's puppies 10

Another puppies head.



Elsa's puppies day 13

Getting quite big now,

They have their eyes open and have

started to move around the box.

Elsa's puppies 12

They still sleep alot.



Elsa's puppies 2 weeks old

Moving around the box.



Elsa's puppies 16 days old

They are more like small puppies now,

moving around with their eyes open

but they cannot see very well at this age.

Elsa's puppies 19/04

A close view of some of the puppies heads.



Elsa's puppies at 20 days old

A lot bigger now, not much room

around the milk bar.

Elsa's puppies standing

They are walking around alot more,

and fairly steady on their feet.

Elsa's puppies 19

Their heads are starting to break,

looking very pretty.

Elsa's puppies 21

Another puppy.

Elsa's puppies 22

A puppy asleep.



Elsa's puppies 23

Elsa sits up to feed them most of the time,

she is a very good mother,

keeping them very clean.



Elsa's puppies 25

Sleeping puppies,

they now weigh 2. 4 kgs. each

all have lovely coats and good bone.

Elsa's pups 24

They have many toys to look at

and to play with,

their teeth are starting to come though.



Elsa's pups 26

Miss Green.

Elsa's pups 27

Miss Orange.



Elsa's pups 28

Miss Red.

Elsa's pups 29

Miss Pink.

Elsa's pups 30

Miss Green asleep with the toys.

Elsa's pups 31

All puppies asleep.

They have been wormed for the

first time now,

and on 2 meals a day.



Elsa's pups 33

They all weigh 3 Kgs.now.

Elsa's pups 34

They play together now,

but are only awake for a short time.

Elsa's pups 35

They have lovely heads now.

Elsa's pups 36

They are very sweet puppies.

Elsa's pups 38

Still feeding from Elsa.



Elsa's pups 39

4.5 weeks old now,

getting very big now.

Elsa's pups 40

Miss Red.



Elsa's pups 41

Miss Green.

Elsa's pups 42

They have very beautiful heads,

and thick coats now.

Elsa's pups 44

Another puppy asleep,

Miss Orange.

Elsa's pups 45

They like to sleep cuddled up

to their toys or each other.

They are now having 4 meals a day.



Elsa's pups 46

Miss Orange in her bed.

Elsa's pups 47

Miss Pink.

Elsa's pups 48

Miss Green,

She is the darkest puppy.

Elsa's pups 49

Miss Pink asleep on the toys.


Elsa's puppies asleep

Puppies asleep.

Elsa's pups 50

Miss Green.

Elsa's pups 52

Miss Red.

Elsa's pups 53

Miss Pink.

Again this has been a delightful litter.

We have enjoyed watching their development from birth to 8 weeks,

and hope their new owners will love and cherish them.


Further pictures of puppies in their new homesĀ  can be seen in

our Puppy Gallery.