Ruby had her litter 4 days early.

It was larger than expected.

She had 4 bitches and 6 dogs.


one day old puppies

2 days old.

Puppies 1 week old now.


10 days old.

2 weeks old today,

They are getting chunky now, they have their eyes open, moving around now.


A puppy asleep.

2 and a half weeks old now.

3 weeks old now, they have been wormed for the first time,

and have started on solid food.

3 and a half weeks old now, eating well, but still feeding from Ruby.


They are taking up a lot more room in the whelping box now.

Mr. Green asleep.

4 weeks old today, they are a lot more steady walking around, starting to play

together, love their food!

Ruby and myself watching them drinking their milk.

They are being fed 4 times a day now.

Extended their area today so have more room.


2 puppies having their dinner.

They are fed fresh meat, which they love!


A puppy at 4 and a half weeks.

5 weeks old today.

They have been moved into a larger area, and had fun in the garden with Ruby.


They love using the water bowl as a head rest!