Keira’s Litter.

Keira had her litter, in the afternoon of the 16th June

by Denmarella Follow the Sun JW.

3 Dogs and 5 bitches.

Keira 7 weeks in whelp

Keira shown here 7 weeks in whelp, only 2 weeks to go,

she has been scanned and 7 puppies are expected,

around the 14/16th June.



Keira, 12 hours old.

Keira’s puppies, they have collars on them so we can identify

them, we have blue, brown and black for the boys,

and red,orange,pink,green and mauve for the girls.

Keira's close up.

All are feeding well, a very even litter,

not a great deal of difference in their weights.



Pups on 18/06

A close up view of puppies.

Keira's 2 pups

Heads on the puppies.

More Heads

Some more Heads at 2 days old.



keira's puppies 6

Puppies at 3 days old.



Keira's pups 7

5 Days old.



Keira's pups 8

6 Days old



Keira's pups 9

One weeks old now, they have nearly all doubled their birth weight now,

and starting to move around a little now.



Keira and Puppies

Keira happily feeding her puppies, I think she looks so proud!



Keira's pups asleep.

A closer view of the puppies.

Keira's pups 14

Another view of the babies!.



Keira's pups feeding

All asleep after feeding.

Hello Mum

Hello mum, Mr. Brown with keira.

Keira's pups, Miss Green

Miss Green asleep with mum,

Keira's pups, 2 pups.

Miss Red and Miss green asleep.

They are moving around alot more now and their eyes

are now open, but they cannot see very clearly.



Pups sleeping at 2.5 weeks

Puppies at 2.5 weeks, we have moved the blanket over to the

side of the box to help with toilet training,

they all seem to be using the paper!



a couple of pups

Another picture of some of the heads on the puppies.

Don’t they look sweet!



puppies moving around

Getting alot bigger now, moving around alot more,

starting to hear now as they sometimes wake up when

you enter the room.

Pup with toy

Miss pink asleep with a toy.



Keira in whelping box with pups

Keira in the whelping box with the puppies.



The puppies are 3 weeks old today.

The puppies are 3 Weeks old today.



Some heads on the puppies

They are getting some very nice heads on them now,

we have started them on solid food and have taken it well.

Some pups asleep

A few of them asleep, showing more of their lovely heads.



Close up of a head

Another puppies head. (a boy).

Miss Red

They sleep in very weird positions.

Miss Green

Miss Green, she likes to sleep on her back with her legs

in the air.

Miss Green again!

The puppies are changing every day.



Two puppies feeding

Now the puppies are eating well, I feed them 2 at a time.

Today they all have been wormed for the

1st time.


Mr. Brown, they are on 2 meals a day now,

Keira still feeds them other times,

all have their teeth now.

Group of pups asleep

Sometimes they sleep togther,

other times they spread out,

depending how hot or cold they are.



pup's eating

Puppies are eating well, they are now on

3 meals a day.


They are quite steady on their feet now,

and can run and jump around.

Group of pups

They like to eat together.

Mr. Black

Mr. Black asleep.



A puppy in the garden

The puppies are now going out in the garden,

more puppies in the garden

The puppies are in the garden in the morning

and in the evening, as it has been too hot during

the day.

puppies say hello

They say hello to their sister Misty.

All the dogs take an interest in the puppies

and are happy to have them around.



puppies and Keira.

They still like to suckle from Keira,

even though they are now having 4 meals a day.



Group of pups feeding

Six puppies all eating, they are now eating from bigger

bowls and are now very active.

2 puppies

Miss Red and Miss Mauve eating together.

These 2 are still available.

Mum resting after feeding them

Keira (mum) resting after feeding the puppies.

She still likes to feed them regularly in the day,

but not during the night now.



Miss Red

Miss Red.

Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown.



Emma and Pups

Emma likes to spend time with the puppies,

they like to play with her, she does not mind

them bitting her or trying to suckle.



pups at 6 weeks

6 weeks old today, they have been wormed for the

2nd time.

puppy playing

The puppies play together alot more now and

like to chew at toys as their teeth are like pins.



puppies asleep

They still sleep alot only being awake for about 1 hour

at a time, they prefer to sleep on the tiles

as it is cooler in the hot weather.



Puppies feeding

All the puppies are now on

Arden Grange Large Breed Puppy,

this seems to be going down very well,

they are getting very big now ,weighing on

average 3-4 Kgs.



Out in the garden

They like to play in the garden, it has been a bit

cooler this week so they have been out

a little more.

Puppies looking at the dogs.

A couple of the puppies very interested

in the other dogs in the garden.

Puppy with a toy in garden

Miss Red playing with a toy in the garden,

this is one of their favourite toys,

the other is a small elephant.

puppy in the garden

Mr.Brown, watching the other dogs

in the garden.



Pups eating

Puppies eating, showing their thick coats

and lovely bone.

Miss Mauve

The lovely head on Miss Mauve.

playing outside

Playing outside in the summer sunshine.

All the puppies have now been wormed

for the 3rd time.

This weekend the first puppies are

going to their new homes.