Elsa’s Puppies by Voldene Ryker.

3 Dogs and 2 Bitches.

Born 6th May 2015.


New Born Puppies

Another Picture of the New Born puppies.


3 Days old now,
All feeding well, Elsa is a very good Mum.


4 Days old now,
Elsa has plenty of milk,
They all weigh 2lb each now.

13th May.

My grandchildren came to visit the puppies,
Elsa was very pleased to see them and didn’t
mind them in her box with the pups.

1 week old today,
feeding well, and stronger every day.

Elsa is such a good mother!


14th May.

A young pups head.


17th May.

11 days old now,
bigger again,
their eyes are starting to open.

Miss Pink.


18th May.


19th May.

Elsa's pups 19.5.
I have put some soft toys in the box.


20th May.

2 Weeks old today!

Elsa's pups 20.5.
Elsa spends more time out of the box now
and pops in to feed and clean them.


21th May.

Elsa's pups 21.5. 1
Miss Pink using a toy as a head-rest.

Elsa's pups 21.5. 2
Chilled out puppy!

23th May.

Elsa feeding puppies
Elsa sits up most of the time to feed them now.


24th May.

one of the puppies
Mr. Brown.

2 puppies asleep
Two puppies asleep.

25th May.

puppies in new room
Today I moved the pups into our main room,
they are moving around more so need the space,
and also to get them used to a busy household.

their new bed
They loved their new bed,
very soft and comfortable, with new toys.
26th May.

Elsa pops in to feed them
Elsa still has free access to them,
and they has a lot more room.

All cuddled up together
In their new bed with some toys.