Bella litter’s to Xanthos FerreriĀ  J.W.

3 Dogs and 2 Bitches.

Born 5th December 2013.

We have : Miss Pink, Miss Orange, and
Mr.Blue, Mr. Green,and Mr.Brown.

5th Dec.
Bella's pups day 1
Bella’s new born puppies.

Bella's pups Day 2
Bella’s and puppies are fine, feeding well,
and resting.

8th Dec.

Bella's pups 3 days old
3 Days old now, feeding well.
Contented puppies!

Bella's 3 day old pups
Close up view of the puppies.


9th Dec.
Bella's 4 day old pups
Another close up picture of the puppies.
The boys are lighter in colour than the girls.



Bella's pups 6 days old
Puppies 6 days old now,
feeding well, and starting to move around more.

Bella's pups 6 Days old
Close view of the puppies,
now 6 Days old.


Bella's 8 Day puppies
8 Days old now, feeding well, and getting big!


Bella's pups 10 Days old.
Fast asleep after feeding.

Bella's pups at 11 Days
11 Days old now, their eyes are starting to open,
and they move around the box.

Bella's pups Mr.Green
Mr. Green asleep,
They all have black noses, and black pads
on their feet.
Bella keeps them very clean.


Bella's pups 13 days old
All resting together.

Bella's pups 15 Days
A proud Mother with her puppies.

Bella's pups 16 days
The puppies on their own, while Bella was in
the garden.
They weigh 1.4 kgs to 1.6 kgs now.

Bella's pups Mr.Green
Mr. Green, their heads are starting to come now,
their eyes are open but they cannot see very well, and
move around the box alot more now.

Bella's pups 18 Days
Another close up view.
The boys are on the right.


Bella's pups at 3 weeks old
The puppies are 3 weeks old today,
growing fast, and have been wormed for the 1st time today.

Bella's pups, some of the other pups
Some of the other puppies asleep.

asleep with toys
A puppy asleep with his toys

fast asleep with toys
One of the dog puppies asleep.
They have had their 1st solid feed
of mince chicken today.
They cleared the lot!

Bella's puppies asleep togethere
Two puppies trying to settle to sleep,
They like to use the toys to sleep on,
or use them as heads rests.

More puppies
Some more puppies,
They are moving around more,
and starting to play now.

Mr. Blue
Mr. Blue with their toys.
Their heads have started to come now,
and all have thick coats.

Mr. Brown
Mr. Brown.
We are using puppy pads,
which they are all using,
toilet training starts as soon
as they are up on their feet.

Mr. Green
Mr. Green.
The puppies are now eating Fish4dogs puppy food,
which they like very much,
twice a day now,
they seen to be very hungry,
so will be increasing it to 3 meals tomorrow.

other puppies
Another puppy,
about to go to sleep.

Bella's pups settling down
Settling down to have a sleep,
have been moved into our utility room,
to interact with other dogs and get used to the household noises.
They have a lot more room to move around.

Bella's pups Mr. Green
Mr. Green.
They are awake and play more now, but still sleep for most
of the day.

Bella's pups Miss Orange & Mr.Blue.
Miss Orange & Mr.Blue.
We have put in a dog bed for the puppies
to sleep in but they move it in to the
middle of the room and sleep on the floor
so have taken it away and put blankets on the floor instead
they seem happier.

Bella's pups Mr. Blue
Mr. Blue with some toys.
This litter play alot with the toys
and like to carry them around.

Bella's pups playing with ball
Playing with the ball,
They love this little tennis ball!
just the right size for them

Bella's pups eating fish4dogs.
Eating their food,
They are eating fish4dogs puppy food.


Bella's pups 5 weeks old
5 weeks old now,and have been wormed
for the 2nd time!
They weigh between 3.25 kgs to 3.75 kgs.

Bella's pups feeding from bella
They still have a feed from Bella,
but she does not have much milk for them now,
all have lovely thick coats and good bone,
with very nice heads on them now.

Bella's pups New feeding bowls
Now they can stand better we have changed
the feeding bowls,
they are also exploring the kitchen.


Bella's pups with a toy giraffe
Puppy with a toy giraffe.
This litter play alot with the toys,
and also like balls and plastic bottles.

Bella's pups playing
They are quite active now,
running around and jumping.



Bella's pups Mr.Brown 2
Mr. Brown watching the other puppies playing.

Bella's pups Miss Pink
Miss Pink.


Bella's pups Miss Orange
Miss Orange,
They love to play shread the paper!

Bella's pups Mr. Blue 2
Mr. Blue.


Mr. Green 5
Mr. Green, in one of our dog beds.

Miss Pink
Miss Pink, we have decided to keep her,
now named Sophie!

Mr. Green 7
Mr. Green .

Mr. Blue ( now named Casper)
and Miss Orange ( now Luna)
have gone to their new homes,

Mr’s Brown and Green will be going shortly.