Our Dogs

These photo’s have been taken on our

walks to the beach or woods, or doing what

we love best, being togethere!

Some of the dogs resting

Some of the dogs resting.


Thomas and Sage

Thomas and Sage,

on their walk on the common.


All ready for our walk!

All ready for our walk,

Elsa, Harry, Breeze and Archie,

front; Bella.


Waiting to go for a walk

Sophie, Harry, Archie and Breeze,

waiting to go for a walk.

October ’14.


Our dogs 3

Bella and Eve relaxing.


Relaxing in front of the fire!

Relaxing in front of the fire.

Front left:  Harry,  sitting: Elsa

Back right: Archie, Eve, and Misty,

Middle: Bella, and Breeze.


Archie and Harry

Archie and Harry.

September 2013.


Harry on the beach

Harry and Archie running around

on the cliffs at the beach.


Archie on holiday

Archie on holiday,

busy digging a hole in the sand


our dogs 4

Sage, Thomas and Cloud.

July 2009


Over the woods

In the woods.

March 2007.