Misty’s Litter.

Misty had her Puppies 4 Dogs and 6 Bitches.

Misty’s new born puppies.


We have put coloured collars on them so we can identify them.

They weighed between 12ozs.to 1Ib.each,

small, but very strong.


The puppies first visitors, my grand-children

Thomas and William.

Thomas strokes the puppies,

Misty is used to the children and does

not mind them touching the puppies.


4 days old now, putting on weight and their coats

are starting to darken up.

Heads at 4 Days, the pigment on their

noses is starting to appear.


6 Days old now, close up view of them.


1 week old now,getting very big, the colour is

also beginning to show, moving around alot more now.


Misty has fully recovered from the whelping,

here she is asleep feeding the puppies.


10 days old now, they have lovely soft coats,and

their heads are taking shape.

They are getting very chunky now,

we are pleased how they are developing.


Their eyes are starting to open now.

They are getting bigger every day!


15 days old,

they still spend most of the time asleep.


2 puppies asleep, the colour is appearing on

their ears, their noses and pads on their feet

have turned black.

Miss Pink.

All feeding today.


Mr. Green asleep.


The heads are taking shape, they are nearly

3 weeks old now.


They are walking around better now and look more

like young puppies, and have taken their

first solid food.

Now the pup’s are much bigger, it is a squeaze

to all get on the teats. Their coats are getting

much thicker and very soft, all have been

wormed for the first time today.


eating solid food

Miss Orange and Mr. Green eating solid food, they are

more steady on their feet now, I feed them

individually to start with to make sure each

puppy eats well and does not get pushed out by

the others.

After being fed

Here they are all crashed out after being fed,

we have made the box bigger, to give them more room

and help them with their toilet training as they are starting

to use the newspaper.


sitting up

Misty sits up to feed them most of the time now.


Puppies eating

They are more steady on their feet now and

look like young puppies, they are having 3 meals

a day now as Misty’s milk is starting to dry up.

They are 4 weeks old now.

3 pups eating

All are eating well now,

they have been moved into our utility room

to socialize them.


Miss Purple

Miss Purple so sweet!

Mr. Blue

Mr. Blue having a chew.

A puppy

A little cutie.

All puppies eating

Puppies all eat together now,

they are all eating very well,

they get bigger every day.

Archie and Misty

Archie and Misty, these two are half brother

and sister, but Archie is also by

the same Sire ( Dutch ).


Emma and Pups

The puppies are starting to mix with our

other dogs, this is Emma, who loves

all our puppies.

Playing with Emma

Another picture of Emma with the puppies.

puppies lunch

They are on 4 meals a day now,and have been

wormed again for the 2nd time.


Sleeping puppy
6 weeks old now,
The heads have taken shape now.

pups playing
They play together now,
and are alot  more mobile,
running and jumping.

Miss Red
Miss Red.
The puppies are growing well.

Mr.Dark Blue
Mr.Dark Blue.
The puppies have lovely heads now.


Sleepy puppy.

playing with bone
The pups play with toys now.
They have been wormed for the 3rd time today.


in the dishwasher
Here they are helping to unload
the dishwasher.


Head at 7 weeks
Head of puppy at 7 weeks old.

Head x 4
Head of another puppy.

Head of boy x3
Head of a boy puppy.


Playing in garden
Miss Red playing in garden.

Playing on Slide
A puppy on my Grand-children’s slide.

Playing with toy
Mr.Blue playing with a toy

Mr Blue with toy
Head of Mr. Blue.