Diary 2019

2nd June

Southern Counties Champship Show

Judge: Dianne Rourke-Knight

Voldene Solar Star

2nd Special Beginners Bitch

Pretty girl with dark pigment, good angles fore and after with a level top line

and correct tailset. Well ribbed, with good bone and feet, would just like

more length of leg. Moved soundly with style


28th May

Boston and District Open Show

Judge: Paulina O’Gorman

Voldene Goodnight’s Dream

Res. Special Yearling

Voldene Solar Star

1st Open Bitch


26th May

Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club

Judge:Gary Foreman

Voldene Goodnight’s Dream

1st Undergraduate Dog

1st Graduate Dog

A dark gold dog in full coat and very well balanced all through with

a lovely profile shape. Dark eye and solid black pigment. Strong clean,

good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders with good length of

upper arm putting legs well under his body. Level topline, good rear angulation

with strong straight  hocks. This dog was in a good condition with no extra weight.

Voldene Solar Star

1st Limit Bitch

Close decision in this class. 5 and a half year old bitch, very honest all through.

She has good balance in profile when stood, liked her for her size, substance

and femininity. Her expression is so soft and gentle with those lovely dark

eyes and pigmentation. Good front and rear angulation.Her topline has a

good flow to a well set on and carried tail. Well boned forelegs and depth to

the ribcage and the important spring of ribs. On the move she was free

and postive.



Sheringham and District Kennel Ass

Limit show

Judge: Pamela Joyce

Voldene Solar Star

1st G/ret.Open

Well boned 5 year old bitch, Goodyear shape and placement, nice eyes, well

placed forelegs, level toppling, good depth of chest, correct tailset.