Puppy Gallery.

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Elsa to Xanthos Ferrari JW.

Rosa 1

Rosa, (Miss Orange)

owned by Jack Rix and Family.

Rosa 2

Rosa, these pictures were taken at 8 weeks old,

a few days in her new home.

She is a very pretty girl.

Rosa 3

Asleep on her owners feet.

Rosa 4

Playing with her ball in the garden.


 Poppy and Penny 4

Poppy and Penny.

(Miss Red and Miss Green)

Both these girls have gone to live in France,

this picture was taken before the went.

Poppy and Penny 5

The 2 girls on a walk, before they went

to join Margaret Phillips and Family in France.

Poppy and Penny 1

With their new friend Paddy,

at home.

Poppy and Penny 3

At home in the garden.

2 very sweet girls, they seem to be very happy.


Kenya and her's and harry's pups

Kefi, Kenya (Mother), Zante and Rosie,

Harry’s puppies with their Mother.

(Thank-you Kate for the lovely photo.)



Beth, a puppy from Archie’s 1st litter.

She has been chosen to stay

by the breeder.

Beth standing

Beth in show stance.

Another puppy

A paler puppy from the litter.




A Harry Daughter, Gundog Training.



Gundog Training.